A Kipster knitting bag and its owner, in Guatamala

You may recognize Lea from past blog posts where she was knitting her way around some beautiful spots in Scotland and Wales. She shared this photograph and this message:
"Here I am in Guatemala last week on Lake Atitlan! We spent about 2 weeks there setting up a hospital and operated on 203 patients! 
Recognize the bag???!"


A happy customer and her special, custom made bag for knitting tools

Many thanks to Patty for sharing these awesome pics of herself and her new bag.

Patty has some very special pieces of knitting equipment, as you can see. She wanted a bag large enough to corral them in one place, for ease in finding, and transport. She selected a stunning Asian fabric, which added to the whole feel of luxury.

I did a custom sizing for the bag. Some of those needles are quite long and would not fit in any of my standard sized zip bags. Lined it in a study silver gray packcloth and there you go, perfect for her supplies.


Two witches in England with their Sweet Pea mini wallets

Many thanks to Fiona for sharing these amazing photographs of herself, and her friend, dressed for the Halloween Ball. Their Sweet Pea mini wallets make the perfect accessory for carrying those small items a witch needs to have on hand.


Kipster Knitting Bag in Russia

I am so pleased to share the first photographs I have received from Russia. Many thanks to Elena for sharing these wonderful pictures of her Owl and Friends Kipster Knitting Bag.


One of my Kipster Knitting Bags in action

Many thanks to Sarah for sharing these wonderful photographs of herself and her Kipster knitting bag on their travels.

 On top of Mt. Oberg in MN with a view of Lake Superior.

Outside a knitting shop in Iceland.


Zoe's Bags in New Zealand!

This is a shot of my Lynx Deluxe (portable art studio) and my Squirrel (faithful wallet, notebook, keys, and phone carrier) out at the Manawatu Estuary.  This place is listed as a Wetland of International Importance.  I was there to see (and do some sketching) of the Bar-tailed Godwits which fly all the way from Siberia to New Zealand to escape the winter.  Thats a flight of 11,000-12,000 km which takes them an average of 8-9 days!

And this is my Sweet Pea (with Grabby the cat),  still going strong and it keeps all my access cards organised and lives most of the time in the car.
This is my SueBee, such a versatile bag.   Before you made me the Lynx I used it for small sketching supplies out and about.  Now it comes to work with me holding all those essential bits and pieces.


A happy customer with her Halloween knitting bag

Many thanks to Shirley for sharing this awesome photograph of herself and her Suebee knitting bag!


Kipster knitting bag at Pembroke Castle

Thanks to Lea for sharing this wonderful photograph of her Kipster knitting bag at Pembroke Castle in Western Wales.


Lea, a Kipster and Pembroke Castle

Many thanks to Lea for sharing some amazing photographs of herself, and her Kipster knitting bag, traveling through the UK.
I will share them with you over the next few days. Each one deserves to be seen on its own!
This is taken at Pembroke Castle in Western Wales.