A happy customer and her collection of Zoe Designs Bags~

Many thanks to Cheryl for sharing these pics of her collection of my bags. She is a lover of pigs as you can see. :-)



A Lily accessory bag in Norway!

Many thanks to Hilde, in Norway, for sending this beautifully staged photograph of her new Lily.

 Boxy knitting bag

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Very Large Drawstring Bags for Very Large Knitting and Crochet Projects, like blankets and afghans

Did I make the title clear enough :-)
This bag, called the Alpaca, is big. Designed for large knitting projects, it's also useful to carry so many other things, especially if you are taking a trip to the beach or going to a lakeside cabin for the weekend.

It's 17" high and 12" in diameter, so very roomy.

I have 4 new Alpacas in stock. 

The Gnome band is just cute and great for anyone who is a fan of, well, gnomes!
Gnome Band Alpaca large drawstring knitting bag

 The Heron Garden print has beautiful muted colors that gives it a very peaceful feeling, a lot like people tell me knitting gives them.
Heron Garden Alpaca large drawstring bag for knitting and crochet
Jan's Trees has a lot of details, not just trees but all kinds of extra little accents, the colors are warm and soft and there is a bit of gold accenting as well. This home decor fabric is a heavier weight than my usual fabric
Jan's Trees Alpaca large drawstring bag for knitting afghans    

Last, but not least, Knitmare on Elm Street, the classic humorous knitting fabric. The look on the kids face, is priceless as she is forced to wear these too small items. The skeleton was happily reading a book titled "quick and easy knitting projects". You know what happens with those type of projects don't you?
  Knitmare on Elm Street Alpaca large bag for large knitting projects like blankets


A custom made bag on a trip to Estonia!

Many thanks to Becky for sending these awesome pics of herself and her custom made Panther Deluxe Messenger Bag. She contacted me and told me she had fallen in love with a specific fabric, could I do a bag for her, using it on the flap and pockets. She found the fabric she wanted and sent it my way. 
She sent these wonderful pictures along with the following:

"Well, my Zoƫ Bag went to Germany and Estonia and Finland and was the perfect carry-on the whole time.
I see many years of use once I start teaching my college art classes again, too.
As promised, here are some pictures of me with my bag at a place called "Polli Talu" (means Polly's Farm), located on the west coast of Estonia, not far from the peninsula of Virtsu.
I lived there for 2 weeks while I worked on an art project of mine."

Many thanks to Becky for sharing these with us!


Looking For a Witch Purse or Shoulder Bag? I have the Nightshade line

I still have the popular line of fabrics called Nightshade, by designer Tula Pink, whose fans are called Tula Troops.
Featuring the 3 Von Black sisters, they each have an awesome back story, which can be read in the listings in my shop.

These bags sell fast when I make them, and no wonder, the sisters are amazing, and the co-ordinate prints are wonderful too. I try to make each bag with a different co-ordinate as well.
Here's a sample of the bags in the shop now, featuring our favorite witches. 

This is Neptunia Von Black in the Absinthe colorway, used on an Otter Hipster Bag

Neptunia Von Black in the absinthe colorway used on a Fox Deluxe shoulder bag


Japanese Pagoda and Koi Pond cross body bag extraordinaire


I have been saving this print for just the right bag. As so often happens with the larger scale motifs, the Britta is the bag. It's the perfect size, and shape, to really showcase these types of fabrics. Plus it's my top of the line zippered tote, with an awesome lining, my ever popular Zoe Pocket Set and a key clip, so it's an all around useful, and beautiful bag.

 I only have one panel of this print, so this is a true one of a kind bag. Stay tuned for more Brittas as I work to build inventory for your upcoming shopping needs :-)


Zombie Messenger Bag, great for back to school, a project bag or a diaper bag!

With zombies being so popular right now I was so pleased to find a pretty scary print, called Zombie!. I have it in two colorways, charcoal gray and black and white.

I sold the first one I made very quickly, so I now have 2 listings in the shop, one for a Zelda Deluxe messenger bag, and one for the larger Lynx Deluxe. These bags will be made to order so the layout of the print will vary on each one. But look at it, it will be awesome with any layout!

Zombie Zelda Deluxe Messenger bag

an open side pocket
Zombie Zelda Deluxe Messenger Bag

and a zippered side pocket
Zombie Zelda Deluxe Messenger bag

You can find the larger, Lynx Deluxe in the shop here 

and here's the black and white version of the print

Too scary?
I also have Zombie Apocalypse in 2 colors, gray and blue. Here's how it looks

I can make most of my bags with these prints, so please do contact me to ask for a custom order. I do custom work every week, for my regular customers, as well as first timers! I think you will find it fun to be able to get a bag made just for you, with all the features you desire.


Day of the Dead Messenger Bag for back to school, Baile de Calaveras

Day of the Dead Panther Deluxe Messenger Bag

This fabric is awesome! It's called Baile de Calaveras or Dance of Skulls. It's used on my largest messenger bag, the Panther Deluxe. It's full of all sorts of organizing features, such as pockets on the outer sides, inside there's a laptop sleeve, a water bottle pocket and another slip pocket, as well as my standard Zoe Pocket Set.
If you don't see it, that because it has sold, feel free to contact me to order a custom made bag of your favorite fabric.