Drawstring bag for Rummikub Tiles and a happy customer

Many thanks to Sheryl for taking the time to take, and share, these wonderful pics of a Suebee drawstring bag she bought, as a hostess gift for game night! She kindly took pics of the bag in action with Rummikub tiles, and next to her koi pond too.
She said "Also, just want to say how nice it feels to put our hand in the bag to fetch a tile!  Smooth and silky!"

The Suebee bag can hold Scrabble, and Mah Jongg, tiles as well.


My Kipster knitting bag in Lititz PA

I am so pleased to share this wonderful photograph, and kind words, from a happy customer, Jeannot

Hi, Karen...  I've been using my new kipster for three days now and I couldn't be happier with it!  
I've been searching for and collecting knitting project bags with pockets for a few years (surprisingly, they're still quite uncommon) and yours is the first to have more pockets than I actually need (though I'm sure I will find a use for all of them in time!)  And the yarn graffiti fabric is truly awesome...
Here's a photo of me using the bag in front of the yarn shop where I work called Ewebiquitous, in charming Lititz, PA.  My friends and coworkers are wowed by the bag; we'll likely be seeing more of your bags in PA in the future!

Thank you, 



Matching Morphin Messenger Bags, so cute!

 Say hi to Toni, one of my long time, and wonderful, customers!
Toni has quite a nice collection of my bags. She and her daughter, Lola, have Morphin messenger bags, with removable flaps. Toni recently ordered matching Day of the Dead Cats flaps for them both. How sweet!


Super Raccoon Ouija Board Shoulder Bag, Keri and Boris!

Many thanks to Keri for sharing these pics of herself, Boris, and her Zoe bags. The Super Raccoon shoulder bag was custom made to suit her needs.


Some very happy gymnasts and their new gymnastic themed bags

I am delighted to share these wonderful photographs with you. I recently had an order for 33 of my Scooter zip bags, made with the popular gymnastic fabric, I have been using for the last few years. Many thanks to Erica, from AGA Gym in California, for sharing these pics of the gymnasts and their new bags!


Custom made knitting bag with the Welsh Dragon Flag

I made this bag as a custom order, Christmas gift. The giftee, and the giftor, both sent me a copy of this awesome pic. I love the little red dragon sitting next to it! Many thanks to them both.
What Kate said about her new bag....

"I absolutely love my bag. I am a huge fan of pockets for my knitting and was surprised to see there are plenty in this little bag. The quality is some of the best I have seen….I can never have enough knitting bags. keep up the good work and thank you again!"


A happy customer with her new mini wallet purse for an iPhone 6s

 Many thanks to Tish for sending this awesome pic of herself and her new Wisteria mini wallet!
Here's what she said
"I absolutely LOVE it!!! It is perfect for what I wanted it for!  It will fit my iPhone 6s with the otter box case and clip on it, as well as cash and id plus room for more!!! The workmanship is gorgeous!!!! Thanks so much!!!!"
Find a Wisteria mini wallet for yourself in my shop


My Otter Shoulder Bag in Austin with Willie Nelson ( well the statue anyway!)

Many thanks to Michelle for sharing these photographs of her new, custom ordered Otter shoulder bag in Austin, Texas with the Willie Nelson statue.


Gifts for Bird Lovers

I spend a lot of time looking for fabrics to reflect my customers interests. Since many of my customers also look for gifts for family and friends, I am constantly on the lookout for any fabrics that might be used to make the perfect gift for someone with a specific interest, such as pigs, roller derby, books, and the vast array of hobbies and collectibles available.

Being a bird watcher myself I always check out the prints featuring our feathered friends. Here's an assortment of bags that would be great gifts for those who carry a pair of binoculars where ever they go!

Check in my shop under the category "things with wings" to see what's ready made.
Take a look in my fabric album for the category "birds" to see the prints that might be perfect for that custom made bag. 

Bluebird Pencil case

Pencil Case with owls, Hoot Owls

Owl Pencil case

Cardinal coin purse

Hummingbird coin purse

owl zippered bag for Mah jongg card and coin, Wise Owl

Portfolio for bird watchers, Journal

Purse for Bird Lovers, Nature's Song


Large purses, with witches and skeletons, for Halloween and year round!

With Halloween a few weeks away I thought I should share some bags I have in stock that would be perfect for this time of year. Many of my customers use the "spooky" bags all year long, so I always have some ready made for them!

These two bags are my Britta style. This is very popular with my customers who need to carry a lot of stuff with them. Great for traveling too. An adjustable shoulder strap, Zoe Pocket set, key clip, and a zippered closure are the main features. 

Skeleton Cameo Britta Large Cross Body Bag

Witch's House Britta Large Cross Body Zippered Purse