Judy The Padded Bag-custom order

One of my regular customers asked, quite a while ago, if I could put padding in my Scooter Zip Bags? I gave it a shot and it turned out so well that I added it to my line. I generally have one listed and suggest the customer select the fabric and make size adjustments if needed.
They have a variety of uses including carrying an iPod, mp3 player and in smaller sizes, such as The Raven coin purse, for carrying flash drives.
I did a custom order last week and the customer was very pleased. She gave me permission to include her response here!

"Karen, the box arrived this afternoon and I am Knocked Out by the bags -- I knew they would be beautiful, but the workmanship is really superb -- these are absolutely great -- you are an amazing artist."


The Clippy- In Sock Monkey

I mentioned this new style in the previous post. There's a d-ring in the side seam so you can clip the pouch to the inside of any of my bags that have a key clip. You can also add a carabiner so that you can clip it to anything the carabiner can! Handy little item I think!


The Ultimate Kid's or Family Bag

I worked with a customer to create a set that would allow her to organize the many kid related items she carries for her active family!

She found the fabric for a large Zelda Deluxe Messenger Bag. We matched it with turquoise sides and bottom and it really shines. We added an exterior zippered pocket and put the Zoe Pocket set and the key clip inside that pocket.

Inside, the standard for the large Zelda Deluxe, a sleeve for a laptop, a bottle sleeve and a side pocket.

What this customer also had in mind was a way to add pouches of varying sizes via a clip of some sort.

This was a great idea and I set out to get some parts in stock to accomplish this task.

I now have small metal d-rings. I add one to the side seam of a Scooter, Skippy or Raven coin purse and they can be clipped to my standard key clip. The new style is called, of course, The Clippy!

I also ordered some carabiners. The carabiner can be threaded through the d-ring and voila, you have a method by which you can clip your pouch to anything the carabiner can.

Inside the messenger bag we added a variety of attachment points, some d-rings, a couple of extra key clips and a carabiner. Now all those little items, such as decks of cards, stickers and crayons will have their own little pouches and be easy to grab.

We added some loose carabiners to the order, so that mom can clip the pouches to other bags if needed.

All around a super organized kid's bag!


A great sheep oriented business that sells my zip bags

I did some Raven coin purses and Scooter zip bags for Ewephoric! last year. The owner sent me a photograph of a set of quads on her farm and gave me permission to share it with you.

How cute are they?


Day of the Dead Sugar Skulls Messenger Bag

A Zelda Deluxe custom order. This fabric continues to be popular. The skulls in this version of the print are larger and have gold accents.
my customer was kind enough to give permission to include her comments upon seeing the bag!

"I love it! Absolutely gorgeous! I will never get a purse or bag elsewhere again!"

I can't ask for more than that.


Wallet on a string holds an epi-pen

A very kind customer sent along pictures of the Zoe Designs wallet on a string she bought for her daughter. She told me her daughter has life threatening allergies and must carry an epi-pen or epiinhaler where ever she goes. She was pleased to discover her daughter can pop them in her wallet on a string where they fit right inside a pocket.


Asian Koi Pond Zelda Messenger Bag

Just finished this Zelda Messenger bag. What beautiful fabric this is. You can contact me directly at zoesbagboutique@earthlink.com or you can find it here.


The Daisy Duffle

While I was working with the customer mentioned in the previous post she wondered if I could make a duffle using the same sock monkey print. I thought it would be a nice addition to my line so I jumped in. Now this customer was going on a trip during spring break so I was trying to get, not only the iphone purse, but also the duffle, done quickly.
Mission accomplished. And even better, I received a photograph of the happy vacationing family and some kind words about the bag.

"I did not take my Sock Monkey duffle on the boat, though. I would have loved to, but I would have been upset if it got wet with sea water...and that's very difficult to avoid on a dive boat. It made a wonderful carry-on bag though. Every time someone opened the overhead bin, there they (the monkeys) all were, smiling at me ;)


The Roxy.. A purse with an iphone pocket on the front~

Karen here on March 27th 2009!
I am updating this post to invite new readers to help me design an iPhone purse.
I have a new post with a link to the form you can fill out to tell me what your dream iPhone purse would look like.

I have a new design for an iPhone purse based on customer feedback. You can find The Breazy in my shop by clicking here
I will continue working on new designs
The majority of my purses and bags have a pocket which accommodates an iPhone perfectly. Click here to see all the styles!

I had a return customer, a sock monkey fan, tell me her problem with purses. She has an iphone and wants to have easy access, preferably by having an open pocket on the front of a purse. The problem she encountered was the depth of the pockets on purses she owned. They weren't deep enough, so, when she would toss her purse onto the front seat of the car, out would fall the phone.
We set out to remedy the problem and together we created the Roxy purse!
It's the body of my Tallullah, inside pockets and all, but, on the outside I created another set of three pockets. The center pocket is sized to hold an iphone just right!

One thing I know, my customers love more pockets!

Here it is, looking so cute with the sock monkey class picture print.