Custom Order Tallullahs

As I said in my last post I have customers who come back, having found fabrics they love, and we plan out their new Zoe Bags together.
This customer has an eye for the unusual and the bags are always unique and wonderful! This was a group of three that were completed at the same time. But there are many more to come! I think another 4 or 5.


Another BookBag-custom order

When I first decided to try selling selling my bags on the world wide web I had no idea if anyone would want them. In the short time I've established my presence I have discovered that many people who find me come back after that first purchase. Not only do they return once, but many times. They have new requests, they send me fabrics they love, they ask if I can make them something they have not been able to find anywhere.
I am humbled by the confidence they have in me and by their continued support.
Here is a custom order from one on those people. A customer who returns to check out what I have in my shop and order something custom.
This is a custom BackPack designed by her daughter, who liked four of my fabrics and wondered if I could combine them onto the backpack.
I gave it a shot and the result is pretty special!


Faux Fur BackPack-The Trixie

One of my regular customers sent me the most amazing faux fur I have ever seen. She wanted a SueBee drawstring bag, and it was wonderful. But..there was still a large piece of fabric left. She looked at my products and decided a Trixie back pack would be nice.
Well it was unbelievably beautiful. Take a look.....


A new batch of Wallets on Strings-Great to use as a passport travel wallet

I made some wallets on strings using the incredible fabrics I got from a Japanese company.
They turned out beautifully.
What so great about this product is the organizing aspects. Places to put change, bills, keys, credit cards/ drivers license and even a checkbook. The upper pocket also works like a dream for carrying a passport when traveling.


A new Selection of Sweet Pea- Mini Wallet Organizers

The more I make these sweet little pouches the more I like them. I have a batch of 6 in motion, by day's end
on Friday I had half completed.

The blue one is from another batch and has sold already, but it was so pretty I decided to include it!


A custom order of Tallullahs

Four Tallullahs, featuring a beautiful selection of Asian prints, in a style I call full front. With a wide adjustable shoulder strap at the customer's request.


Introducing The Pinkie Lee- A Zippered Tote

I made a few changes to The Honeysuckle Tote at the request of a customer. I wanted to try a bag along these design lines so it was perfect.
Named for our beloved chocolate lab, Miss Pinkie Lee Sniffington the Debutante.
It's 12.5 inches tall, 10.5 inches wide and 3.5 inches deep.

The fabric, provided by the customer, is pretty amazing don't you think?


A custom Border Collie Honeysuckle Tote

One of my regular customers found this panel and wondered if it could be made into a Honeysuckle Tote. it turned out the be the perfect size and the border trim that came with it made the back pocket pretty special as well.

Nintendo DS Lite Padded Case-The Gamer

Sized to hold a Nintendo DS Lite. Padded to provide protection. Inside there are 6 small pockets to carry your game cards. Pretty nice little bag for you and a perfect gift too.


The Soiree-One of a Kind Clutches

Regular readers may recall the wedding clutch I designed to complement a pair of cowboy boots, earlier in the year. I liked the look so much I wanted to add it to my line. It became The Soiree. The same padded clutch as my Bebe but each will have some form of applique that will make it unique.
Here are the first three.