First prototype of a new pouch

I was contacted by a person about a little wallet type pouch she and her mother both owned and loved. They can't find any more like them and wondered if I made anything similar. I received some pictures via e-mail and made my own version. Here it is. This is the basic first try at this bag.
There's a zippered pocket on the outside and the inside. I made it with a sturdy cordura to give it some bulk and body. It's lined with my standard nylon taffeta. It would work just find as it is, but I can also overlay the outer fabric with any of my cotton prints to add some more personality if desired.
It measures 7" wide by 4" deep. I like it, it has a lot of space for a small bag and would slip easily into a purse. I also think it could be adapted pretty easily to become a belt pouch. Hmmm, wheels turning!


  1. Karen, I was able to pull up the Blog you sent me as well. Once I know the price for the prototype, I want to order it-- plus I would also like to know how much it would be in different colors or a print. Not only am I thinking of it for me, but I am now, thinking about Christmas gifts - depending on the cost. Gerry Lynn

    Great job. I am putting your web site on my "favorites".. You are the girl!!

  2. I love this! I would like to know how much it would cost as is - as well as how much it would cost if I picked out a few different fabrics for others. Depending on the price, I am thinking "christmas gifts" as well as hoarding some for me and Mom. Great Job.