What a great order this was! Part one!

One of my favorite regular customers checked out my blog a few months ago. The result? She wanted some of the Slider drawstring bags, plus a small Fleur tote and 3 Britta Shopper totes! One thing led to another and we started "looking" for fabric choices. I found some, she found some and I ended up with a whole batch of beautiful fabrics and the luxury of using them to, what I thought, was their best advantage. It's going to take a few postings to share them all but it's worth it! Here's the first batch!
A teddy bear picnic drawstring shoe bag (The Slider)
A beautiful Asian floral drawstring shoe bag(The Slider)
The small Fleur tote with this outstanding Asian Cranes in water scene.
Two Suebee Drawstring bags, one with Christmas trees and the other a pink flowery design

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