Piano Tuning Lever Bag

One of the great things about having a presence on the World Wide Web is the unexpected requests for products I receive.
This customer has a specialized tool for piano tuning. He wanted a bag in which he could carry the parts of the tool and a way to keep them from clanging together inside. We worked together to design the components of the bag, including a padded internal divider and, just because of it's future value, a zippered side pocket.
It turned out to be a great bag that can be used for many more purposes than just piano tuning tools. Plus any fabric can be used to change the look from manly to girly if required!
It's 14" wide, 5" tall and 7" deep
What was the customer's response upon receiving his bag?

"I got the bag. I'm more than satisfied. It's perfect. Thanks ever so much."

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