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Fashion: Style gems that distract from my boyfriend's green hair

Call me Eminem. But I'm going to go all "Eight Mile" freestyle contest on you here and call myself out before you have the chance to.

Insert "zing" here.

I spend a lot of space in this here newspaper blathering on about the fashion idiocies of my own life. Crashing proms, my obsession with twirling, my poodles' fashion sense, my boyfriend's new hair style: dyed lime green with big black stars all over it (thank you Fringe Hair Studio in Louisville). Oh wait, I didn't tell you about that yet? Hmm, well, let's just conveniently skip that one then.

I'd like to think I'm making fun of myself for your amusement -- and hopefully inspiration, sometimes. It's a big sacrifice -- to be this ridiculous, and publicly, nonetheless. But it's a burden I'm willing to shoulder for the sake of fashion and All Things Pretty.

But it's got to be balanced occasionally with something newsworthy.

That's why I present to you a few of my favorite current local fashion fascinations:

For the indecisive -- Zoes Bag Boutique, www.zoesbagboutique.etsy.com and www.zoesbagboutique.blogspot.com.

What: Bags made out of interesting fabrics, including the "Morphin line" of mix-and-match messenger bags. Buy the body of one of the messenger bags ($42) and then add and swap the removable flaps ($12 each) to match your outfit or mood.

And Zoes has all kinds of fabric patterns: derby girls, pin-ups, tiger stripes, bats and spider webs, footballs, guitars, flamenco dancers, flying skulls, ladybugs, sock monkeys -- yeah, I said sock monkeys. Zoes also makes padded cases for Nintendo DS Lite, Blackberries and small digital cameras.

Who: Karen Norback, of Lafayette, a fabric lover with 20-plus years in manufacturing outdoor gear. Zoes has been in business since 1995.

The bonus: Norback makes custom orders. Poodles with lime green hair, anyone?

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