Walker Totes can be useful and beautiful at the same time

I worked with a customer to design this product. Her mom is using a walker and she wanted a walker tote to provide not only places to carry a water bottle, magazines and a few other items, but to be appealing to the eye as well.
We worked out the sizing and she decided to go with this amazing Japanese theme print.

I didn't have access to a walker so I used a chair as a stand in!

I wanted the tote to have a place inside for a bottle of water, easy to grab when a sip is needed. I added a set of pockets next to the bottle holder.

The three straps at the top are designed to wrap around a bar, with a fair amount of adjustment included.
At the bottom, I added another set of adjustable straps. They are designed to loop around the lower bars, at any angle, in order to keep the bag stable.

The lining is a nice light bone color, easy to see what's inside, made with a stain resistant, water repellent pack cloth.

The result was beautiful. I am very pleased with the entire design. Just because a person is using a walker doesn't mean they can't have an attractive bag to carry their essentials!

This customer also ordered a matching wallet on a string so her mom could carry her keys, and a few other items, right over her shoulder.

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