Panther Deluxe with some special features

I worked with a customer to create this great bag. She has a 15" laptop and wanted a padded compartment in the messenger. Due to this order I finally have a design that enables me to add padding to the back of the bag and the laptop sleeve. Instead of ordering a Grab and Go Laptop Case, if not needed, (and only available for the Panther) you may order a padded sleeve for any of my messenger bags.

She added a padded shoulder strap as well. The fabric, the Echino leopard, is beautiful, as always.

I gave her a finish date and moved on to other projects. I was contacted by her husband who told me he wanted to pay, secretly, for her bag, as a gift for their Wedding Anniversary that was on Valentine's Day.
Always happy to jump in to help surprise a customer, I devised a plan. I would fast track the bag and list it in my shop as an order for her husband.
We had it all planned out, while she was out at an appointment, I had the bag listed, he swooped in and bought it, I shipped it to him and he was able to give it to her on the big day!
He was pleased. And she?
Here's what she said in an e-mail

"Dear Karen,
I just wanted to tell you how much I ADORE my new bag! It's gorgeous! It's the perfect size, too! I've been using it all of this week, and it's just the dandiest thing. :) Experiences like this just make me love Etsy so much, and I am so grateful for your really friendly and professional dealings. Nick gave it to me over the weekend, and I was so confused when I opened the present at first--it took several seconds for me to figure out what he'd done. He's so sneaky! ;) Anyhow, the bag is such great quality and it really is a stunner. Thanks, thanks, thanks!

You rock!
-Rhianna "

Can't ask for more than that!


  1. What a wonderful piece of work, Karen! Gorgeous design. Way to go and congrats to Rhianna :)

  2. Thanks Guy! I loved the bag. I'm looking forward to sharing your bag with readers of the blog. However I like to wait till I know my customers have their bags before doing that. :-)