Custom order Sailor Jerry Zeldina

I was happy to work with a new customer to create this Zeldina. He identified himself as a bag collector and wanted something one of a kind, and wondered if I had any other colors for the body. He selected this yellow and it turned out to be a real eye catcher. He also bought a stock bag as a gift for his daughter.
His response when he received the bags?

The fantastic news is...your 2 bags were waiting on my desk. These are just unbelievable. The design, the materials, the prints , the colours. What's more the workmanship is museum quality. I have never seen seams so precise and well done. No loose threads, no missed stitch, just perfect. The Zipper pouches are just the right size to hold my journal, cell and Fountain Pen du jour. No wandering around in the big section looking for this or that any more. The Key Ring retainer saves me shoving a big unwieldy ring of keys in my back pocket, yet keeps it close to hand and easily found in the main compartment. The currently used Mountainsmith mini is going back in the closet. I'll be organizing the Sailor Jerry for work tomorrow. I will be the hallmark of sartorial splendor in clinic tomorrow. My wife is fondly looking at the Indian motif. I'm thinking it may be subverted to her closet and not off to school for our daughter. The size of your bag is perfect for all the goodies I carry hither and yon during the course of a days travels. Fortunately, no thick medical records to carry from one end of the hospital(clinic) to the far end a couple of football fields away(Medical records) now. That means I don't have to have a big city bike carrier bag like I used to. Your design and size is just perfect for my needs. I couldn't have designed it better my self. All the commercial ones on the market now are too thick-front to back. I don't know what everyone does with all that extra space.
Thank you for making such a beautiful, well designed work bag for me. I can't tell you how much pleasure it's going to give me carrying it. Everyday will be great with an equipment bag like this.
I'll be back for more later. Have a fantastic week, Jim 8/26/09

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