Sock Monkey iPad case, or order a custom iPad case if you prefer!

 Pick Your Sock Monkey Padded Zippered Bag for iPad and larger netbooks, The Boc

I now have a simple padded case that holds the iPad. Called the Boc,(Old English for book)  it can be found in my shop by clicking here.
This is designed to hold the larger sized netbooks and the iPad. I call it a no frills case since it really doesn't have any. It's just nicely padded, has a zipper closure, and your choice of over 500 fabrics, should you want to place a custom order!

Sized for netbooks, and the iPad, up to 

26.162 cm

17.78 cm


Since sock monkeys are always a popular theme I have added a Boc to the shop allowing you to select from 5 different prints.

I will be making a few more, for inventory, over the next few weeks, in other prints. But as you regular shoppers know, dropping me a line and asking for x bag in y fabric works just great!

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