Faux fur, a mink Bebe Clutch or Shoulder Bag with skeleton bride cameo!

I found a fantastic faux mink, it's simply gorgeous. It's thick and luxurious, but so hard to photograph in a way that shows you have great it is. I made a Bebe with just the faux mink, which you can find in the shop here.

But then I found this cameo. Called many names, including Lolita Skeleton and Skeleton Bride, I like to call it a Gothic Cameo. It's raised from the surface like cameos from the past, and I've never seen anything like it. I love it and thought it would be great on a faux mink Bebe, found in the shop here


This is a stock pic of a Bebe to show the scale with an iPhone.
The Bebe is designed to be used as a shoulder bag, or as a wristlet clutch. You can wrap the strap loosely around your wrist if you wish to carry it in your hand. It's padded to give it some structure and shape and has two inside pockets to hold id or cash. Perfect for a special occasion.

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