Happy New Year!

I am back to work today, rested and ready to jump back in! I hope you had a wonderful holiday with your family and friends.

My plan, for this year, is to work on offering a larger inventory of ready made products.  I am going to begin by working on Kipster Knitting Bags, Wallets on Strings and the padded cases for iPads and netbooks. All very popular products.

As a one person business it is a challenge to keep a full inventory while also working on custom orders, shipping, taking photographs, adding items to my shops, answering inquiries and also working to promote my products, via newsletters, Facebook and this blog. Not to mention looking for new fabrics, doing all the bookkeeping and ordering all the other supplies I use!

This year I am hoping that all my promotion has paid off and I can back off a little in that area and concentrate on the actual sewing of products. This means you might see fewer blog posts, but if you stop by the shop you will find more in stock items ready to buy. This has been my intention all along, but a shop full of products and no customers isn't very useful LOL!

I thank you for all your support and hope you will find browsing the shops even more fun that before


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