Padded case for Kindle 3rd Gen, 2nd Gen Nook, Galaxy Tab and Kindle Fire with optional shoulder strap or wristlet

 The Elm and Elm Deluxe are zippered padded cases for the Kindle 1st Gen, Kindle 3rd Gen, Nook 2nd Gen, Galaxy Tab and Kindle Fire

I took some time this week, to create a sizing chart for my padded bags. I discovered that the Elm and Elm Deluxe will hold more tablets than I realized, which is wonderful. I'll be adding the sizing chart to my site shorty, so you will have an easy reference to guide you in selecting the right case to protect your electronic gadgets

The Elm
Continuing with my redesign work, to make some of my bags even more versatile, the Elm and Elm Deluxe padded cases are now available with 2 d-rings on the top edge. 

The d-rings allow you to customize your case, if you wish.  Buy just the case and you can slip it into your bag, or leave it on the coffee table. If you want to take your Kindle or Nook with you down to the pool or the local park, you can buy a Strappy wristlet, which can be attached to either d-ring, on the case making it perfect for left or right handers.

 If you want a more hands free option, buy a removable adjustable shoulder strap and clip it to the d-rings. You now have a shoulder bag. 

The Deluxe version of the Elm has the outer zippered pocket, for storing chargers, cords, book lights, or any small items you need to carry with you, including the optional straps if you so desire.

The Elm Deluxe

The straps, as so many of my regular customers know, will work on many other products in my line so you only need one of each, unless you plan on carrying a lot of Zoe Designs products at one time!


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