Custom bag and customer service feedback!

I am delighted to share with you an awesome photograph of one of my customers, and her kind words about the bag I made for her.

"Dear Karen,

Well, it's been six months so I guess I'm recovered from my vacation! Truly sorry about how long this review took. What prompted me was that an administrative assistant at my doctor's office asked me "Where did you get that great bag?" and then asked me to email her your info. (Which I did before sending this!)

Below is a picture of me and Big John, one of the trail horses I ride, and my lovely new bag. While I treasure the bag for its beauty, quality and serious bang-for-your-buck, the experience working with you was equally delightful. You turned the process of getting a custom bag into a collaborative creative adventure. I'd say "Could the bag have interior pockets?" You'd say "Sure! how big?" I'd say, "Could it be similar to a bag I already have?" You'd say, "Sure! Just send me pictures of your old bag with measurements." I am now forever spoiled by your "Sure!"

Thank you so very much for such a delightful bag.


Laura "

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