Custom made iPhone purse and feedback

It's wonderful when a customer comes back, months after they have bought something from me, to share their feedback. This customer wanted my Tarquin padded case for her sister.  She requested that I add a long strap with a clip so she could attach it to her purse, ensuring that it wouldn't get lost. The long strap allowed her to keep it inside her purse. Here's what she said:

"I have no excuse, and only the flimsy reason that my forgetter is working better than ever.  I have not thanked you for your special care you gave my sister and I last December.

The iPhone bag is wonderful.  The extra pocket is perfect for license, credit cards, etc.  Louise has had no problem misplacing her phone ever since she got it.  The clip works well to attach to a belt loop when she doesn't want to take her purse, and to her purse when she does.

She is out of town for a while now, but when she gets back I will send you a pic of the bag "en place" as it were.

Thanks for your beautiful work and imaginative design,     Barb"
custom made iPhone purse

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  1. I'm so glad I found your blog, I'm now following!
    Louisa xx