Gifts for Bird Lovers

I spend a lot of time looking for fabrics to reflect my customers interests. Since many of my customers also look for gifts for family and friends, I am constantly on the lookout for any fabrics that might be used to make the perfect gift for someone with a specific interest, such as pigs, roller derby, books, and the vast array of hobbies and collectibles available.

Being a bird watcher myself I always check out the prints featuring our feathered friends. Here's an assortment of bags that would be great gifts for those who carry a pair of binoculars where ever they go!

Check in my shop under the category "things with wings" to see what's ready made.
Take a look in my fabric album for the category "birds" to see the prints that might be perfect for that custom made bag. 

Bluebird Pencil case

Pencil Case with owls, Hoot Owls

Owl Pencil case

Cardinal coin purse

Hummingbird coin purse

owl zippered bag for Mah jongg card and coin, Wise Owl

Portfolio for bird watchers, Journal

Purse for Bird Lovers, Nature's Song

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