Gifts for otter lovers, otter knitting bags, otter make up bags, otter coin purses

Who doesn't love adorable otters? I found this duo of matching fabrics featuring an otter pond and had to get them. I also had a small piece of another otter fabric and thought I'd  offer a variety of bags using all three.

There is an Otter Pond Kipster knitting bag, an Otter Pond Otters Suebee drawstring bag and a Scooter zippered accessory bag, and an Otters coin purse. They are all sweet and ready for otter lovers to claim them for themselves.

Otter Pond Kipster knitting bag with pockets

Otter Pond Otters Suebee drawstring knitting or game tile bag

Otter Pond Otters Scooter zippered bag 

Otter coin purse

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