Custom Roller Derby Girl Zelda Deluxe!

I was contacted by a customer who, along with many others, loved the Derby Girl fabric. She wanted a messenger bag and the Zelda Deluxe, with the extra exterior pockets suited her just fine.
The result? Take a look!

You can find this bag in my shop by clicking here

You can also type roller derby into the search box on every page of my shop to find other products made from this fabric. It is extremely rare. I haven't been able to find more for at least a year, and believe me I have looked. If you would like to custom order a bag, please feel free to contact me using the contact link at the top of every page in my shop.


  1. where can i get one? its awsome i can use it as my derby bag its got the birl in the blue which is one of my teams colors

  2. Hi Stevie,
    This fabric is just about gone. I only have enough left to make small zip bags. You can find them in my shop

  3. I would love to know where you got that material. I am making a quilt for my niece, who loves roller derby. Her team is the Cherry Bombs, so we are using a lot of cherry related materials, but this would really tie it all together. I've been searching for something like that.

  4. Hi Patricia, It's fantastic fabric, that is long out of print. I had a nice quantity of it but it's all gone now, due to all the derby girls and those that love them, buying my bags!
    It's just not anywhere around at all