Sweet Pea Mini Wallet Custom Order Extraordinare

I designed this handy little bag at the request of a customer. There is an earlier blog post about it. She ordered two and loved them. She wanted to have some custom made for Christmas gifts and we started working on finding the right fabrics. We had a great time! The list kept growing until we had an amazing assortment of bags. Three spiritual prints, a royal flush gambling print, roses, iris, trees, gourmet food, skeletons on motorcycles,shopping. I made multiple bags in some of the prints and we ended up with almost 20 of these babies!

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  1. I just wanted to tell you thanks again, for the absolutely wonderful mini-wallets you created based upon my needs and wants. They were such a hit at Christmas and I have already received great responses from my loved ones saying how much they like them. Not only are they practical, they like the "one of a kind" aspect based on their hobbies, personality etc That really touched their hearts. The extra zipper pocket inside is perfect for a book of stamps and special items like your business card,favorite pen, etc. I use the outside zipper for my credit cards and D/L and the inside for my folded money, change, and receipts. It is light but durable, takes up little space so I don't have to change wallets when I use my dress up purse, fanny pack, or small purse. It is just perfect and weighs nothing.

    I hope your other clientele know how lucky they are to have such a talented gal who will custom make your request -- and so reasonably.

    I just can't thank you enough.

    Gerry Lynn Lease