Morphin Tallullah- Purse with removable flaps featuring owls

This is another example of my new line of bags. The Morphin line. Designed to allow you to buy the body of one of my bags, and add as many flaps as you like, to change the look in a very simple manner.
This is actually the first bag that received the Morphin touch! Readers of my blog will recognize the signature fabric of one of my favorite customers. Yes, the owl collector from Germany!
I had the idea to do a removable flap on my messenger bags many months ago. I thought about it and discounted it. Then lo and behold, Britta asked me if I could do something along those lines.
I told her it seemed too complex, but she made a few suggestions. I started to consider it again, seriously, and realized it was actually possible and would be a great product.
She wanted the Tallullah style, with a zippered back pocket. so I converted the Tallullah to the Morphin, by adding velcro closures for the flap instead of my usual buckles.
Between the two of us we had acquired quite a few owl prints, so once the design process was completed I began the flaps.
I can't put more than 5 pictures in each blog post so I'll share only some here. But each one is wonderful, and creates such a different look for the same bag, it's pretty amazing!

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