One of a Kind Asian Dragon Bag

Another Britta Shopper Tote finished in the last few weeks.
This was a long time in the making. Like so many of my other materials, I bought it and didn't have time to turn it into a bag.
It's an Indonesian handmade batik panel. It was so beautiful I knew it would make an amazing one of a kind Britta. The print I purchased to use with it conjured up images of dragon scales, perfect to complement the batik.
The batik panel is framed on the sides with the scale print, and the entire back is cover with it as well. The gold accents on the print really add to the overall look of this stunning bag!
You can buy it from me directly or find in in one of my shops. I'm not going to put a link for this one because I will be moving it around from shop to shop. Just click on the links to my shops in the side bar and search for dragon.
Or, as always, contact me at service@zoesbagboutique.com to buy it directly or learn in which shop it resides!

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