Stunning Kipster, (knit in public bag) and matching Pippa Portfolio-custom order

Dotty, a return customer, sent me this incredible fabric to make a Kipster, my drawstring knitting bag. She thought there might be enough fabric left to make a Pippa portfolio as well. She was right and the result was one of my favorite sets ever!

She kindly let me know her thoughts on the set.......

"Hi Karen!
Ahhh! Once again you have done it. You have created the perfect bag, and in this case, bags, for me! The Kipster is lovely in so many ways. I love how you used the fabric I sent; you preserved every wingtip on the cranes and placed every design on this small bag perfectly. I greatly appreciate the finesse it took and thank you for taking my ideas and making them come true. I immediately transferred my knitting project, needles, scissors, tape measure, small journal and pencil into the bag--and there's space for more! It also fits into my Falcon--an added bonus while traveling. In fact, I will be sitting in an airport next week. How fashionable I will feel pulling my beautiful Kipster out of my beautiful Falcon. Yippee!!

And, I love how you used the left-over fabric to make the Pippa Portfolio. I often carry a folder full of papers around to meetings and was worried that all the papers would fall out. Now they will be encased and protected in this stunning bag. Oh, Karen, you made my birthday extra special and I feel rich simply looking at these sumptuous bags.

As always, such a treat to work with you!! Thank you so much.

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