New body option, for Owners of Morphin Zeldina's and Morphin Falcons- Mini Messenger Bags with switchable flaps- The Pelican

Earlier this year I was asked, by two customers within the space of a week, if it was possible to get a larger Morphin body on which they could still use their Morphin Zeldina flaps. Hmm, interesting, said I!

I worked with them to figure out the details, and was able to create this new style, The Morphin Pelican. I've had it for a while but haven't had time to add it to the shop, take pics or "introduce it" to you.

The idea was to have a body that is taller and deep, with more features. Keeping the width the same put me on the right track to still use existing flaps from Zeldinas and Falcons.
So I took the Falcon, which is essentially a deeper Zeldina, with more pockets, and began the process.

Making it taller and deeper allows you to carry a water bottle, or a small umbrella. I added an adjustable bottle loop inside. It can lay flat if not in use, or, thanks to velcro, can be opened up to hold the bottle in place.
I decided to tape the inside seams in this model. I thought it would help keep the bottle from "sagging" inside the bag, and that it would create more structure, bones if you will, to give the bag more shape.

Standard on the Falcon is that handy, and popular, exterior zippered pocket. That stays, as does the Zoe Pocket Set and the key clip.

Instead of the standard Falcon side pockets, however, you can get The Pelican with no side pockets, or you can add, one or two, either in fabric, or mesh. So it's quite customizable for you.

Finally, how to design it so that owners of Morphin Zeldinas or Morphin Falcons can still use their existing flaps?

The solution was to make the buckles on the front of the body adjustable, like the larger messenger bags. Since the body is taller, this allows the flaps to still fit, and works for both the Zeldina and the Falcon. (The Falcon flap is 1" longer than the Zeldina)

This is a new aspect for the Morphins, not only can you have a mix of flaps, but now you can have more than one body to use as your needs change.

26.67 cm

27.94 cm

7.62 cm

Find the Morphin Pelican in my shop here:

Morphin Pelican Mini Messenger Bag Body

Here's some feedback from those customers!

"Good morning, Karen!

I just spent five days traveling to NYC. I used to live there, and if there's one thing New Yorkers know it's that your everyday bag - some call it a "go bag" - is your home away from home. It needs to hold everything you might need and all the little stuff you acquire during the day, because you're typically on the go 12 hours at a stretch. I am happy to report that the hybrid bag we created stood up to the rigors I put it through. My headphones, a paperback, water bottle, and a scarf I bought from a street vendor all fit without bulging or straining, and yet I didn't feel as though I was carrying around a piece of luggage all day.

And as for actual travel, the combination of my laptop bag, morphin' bag, and Sweet Pea can't be beat in terms of convenience in the airport. I am so glad I found you and your wonderful bags!


"Hi Karen,
The bag arrived today and it is absolutely perfect! I LOVE It! The size, the pockets, everything is even better than I could have imagined. All my new gear fits perfectly. My granddaughter has already claimed my old bag so I will have to put her in some flaps. You really are the best and I can't thank you enough for all the work you put into this bag. I really do appreciate it. Thanks so much,

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