Unhappy Hour Custom Britta Tote

As regular readers know, I started selling on line on eBay. Some of my best customers found me there. Although I closed my eBay store over a year ago, I still have a profile there that allows past customers to find my new shop. I am always so gratified that people will take the time to track me down!

This customer, in Germany, did just that. She bought a couple of things from me over the years. When she came to the new shop she saw this Unhappy Hour print and wanted it on a Britta Tote. I love working with this fabric , it's such a fun motif, and really works well on some of my bags

Here's what she said :

Hi Zoe,

The Unhappy Hour Bag came today and I really like it.
It is very well finished- with unbelievable lots of zippers. You are really the zipper-queen of USA.
I hope you have good success in the future , as you deserve it....
I shall keep a eye on your products and my wish for a new bag style would be a funky backpack one day.
Thanks and up to soon...

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