Wallet on a String

This is the very first product in my line. I had a small purse I carried but it just wasn't right. I decided to come up with one that would do all the things I wanted!  

When you open it, while standing in line at the grocery store etc, everything has its place and is easy to access. I know each person has their own way of organizing their "must haves" but this is how I designed the "compartments".

The lower zippered pocket is for coins, behind that a place for your paper money. A divided pocket, with a wallet window is where I keep all my id and credit cards etc. An iPhone will also fit there very nicely

Behind that is an open pocket perfect for a pen, notebook, keys and other small items.

Behind the front flap is a full panel, zippered pocket.  A check book fits perfectly, but I carry all those little cards, and notes we like to have with us. You know what they are...Things like with the number of the printer cartridge I use, the punch card for the local coffee shop, that worn piece of paper with the dimensions of the window I must get new curtains for ....some day!

It's one on my more popular products, its so incredibly useful, (the only Zoe Designs product I use on a regular basis) and it makes the most perfect gift too!

You can find my wallets on a string by clicking here

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