An alternative to my wallet on a string, in gorgoeus faux fur, plus awesome feedback from a customer

This customer had a wallet on a string, loved the size and features but wondered if it could be made so she can "drop" her phone, etc. inside. I suggested I put a string on a Morning Glory Clutch. She ordered two, in faux fur, right away, and found a faux fur Tallullah purse she had to have. Her comments :

Hi Karen:

I got my bags! I have already transferred everything over to my new purple leopard Morning Glory bag. It's perfect!!!

You were soo right about the mink and patchwork faux furs. Patchwork is like petting a rabbit's fur. And the mink, that's like touching nothing at all and it's soo shiny! Absolutely gorgeous! I am so thrilled to be the owner of these bags.

The ones I am not currently using at the moment are safely tucked away in their own cloth-lined drawer to make sure they do not get messed up. Definitely not throw-in-closet bags.

I'll send pics later of them. I'm going to play around with how I want things organized in them and the different ways to wear them. LOL I cannot wait to show them off in public (hmm, do I need anything from Walmart today?)

Thank you. You are such a blessing to work with, a pleasure to talk with, and a true talent.


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  1. Yay! I made the newsletter! Lol

    I meant every word of this and would proudly repeat it all again.

    Thank you so much and I will be returning soon. I have some gifts to get.