Redesign of the Jasmine Clutch/ Wristlet

I have always liked the design of this clutch, The Jasmine. Outside zip pocket, inside zip pocket and I find the shape appealing.


The change I made was to remove the sewn in wristlet strap. Now I use  a d-ring on the side so that you can use it as a clutch, or, with the addition of my ever popular Strappy removable wristlet strap, you can make it into a wristlet. It now mirrors my Sweet Pea, Morning Glory Clutch, Mistee, and the padded cases for e-Readers. You need only buy one Strappy, and it will work on all these products!

It's perfect for going out for the evening, or a special event, like a wedding, prom or garden party! Some women don't like carrying a large bags, so this is perfect for them. Plenty of space for a phone, money, i.d. etc. Plus it's a beautiful gift.

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