Introducing: The Zeldina

This bag came about due to the request of one of my customers. She purchased a Zelda but wanted a smaller, more purse sized, bag of the same basic design. I just finalized the design today.
It's 11" wide, 5 1/4" tall and 3" deep. I shortened the adjustable strap by 4", included the inner Zoe pockets and eliminated the water bottle sleeve. The strap still utilizes the same method of adjustment but I replaced the large metal rings with lower profile rectangles.
AArrgg! Today, 9/15/07 I realized the dimensions of this bag, as posted here, are incorrect! It really is 12" wide by 8" tall and 3" deep. I have no clue where those other measurements came from! Karen

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  1. This newbie will provide fabric showcase opportunities! Think I'll order more than one!