What's in the design stage right now!

Wow, I have so many requests for new products that my brain is spinning! It's wonderful.
This week I am finalizing a smaller version of my Zelda Messenger Bag, The Zeldina! I have the pattern finished and will be sewing a prototype this week. If it looks good, to me and my customer it will be ready to go. I also have requests for a shoe bag. You know, one of those drawstring bags for travel. Put your shoes, or your dainties, in then pop in your suitcase. That should be a quick design project. (Famous last words, the easy stuff can sometimes be very tricky)
I will also be going the opposite direction from The Zeldina and making a larger version of the Zelda/Zelda Deluxe, one that can hold a laptop as well as multiple notebooks etc. Sounds like the Zelda will have to expand in height, width and depth!
My Tallullah purse will also be expanding, 2" in all directions due to customer requests.
One more project, The Pickford looks like it will be getting a new twist based on a customer's request!
I'll be posting pics as these babies are created. What fun!!!

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