The Slider- A Drawstring Travel Bag for shoes and dainties

In the space of a week I had two customers ask me if I made drawstring shoe bags. Well I don't need a ton of bricks to fall on me, so I got going on a design. This bag is 14" by 16" with a sturdy cord and a cord lock that allows you to keep it nicely cinched down. This bag is lined with my standard nylon taffeta. Shoes will slide in and out easily. However one customer said she didn't want a lining so I will make slight adjustments to the pattern to allow for that. Now that the design is in place it will be simple to adjust the dimensions of the bag and even put a line of stitching down the center to create compartments for the shoes. What about lining it in fleece? Putting an extra pocket on the inside? The sky could be the limit on The Slider!

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