The Fleur Tote

Yesterday I was contacted by a lady who liked a piano keyboard Scooter zip bag I had. She wanted to know if I made totes since she'd like something simple for her daughter to carry books in to her music lessons. I had a couple of totes in my line years ago and I was going to pull them out and see what I could do. Instead I put together a new design. Very simple, however easy to customize. Right now it's designed to hold a few books. It's 9" tall x 12 wide x 2" deep. But it can easily be 12" tall, 9" wide and 2" deep. The straps are 34" long. This is a no frills bag. It's lined in sturdy stain resistant, water repellent black nylon pack cloth. The "feature fabric" will appear on the front and back but the sides will be made from the stain resistant, water repellent, 400 denier nylon that I use on my Tallullah purse and messenger bags.
The beauty of this bag is it's versatility from a design standpoint. It will be very easy to customize based on my customers requests. As I said above, it can be tall or wide. I can change the size at will, making it wider, taller, deeper or any combo. I can add my pocket set or a key clip. I can add one simple pocket inside, make the straps longer or shorter, add a magnetic snap or interface it for additional sturdiness.
This is the small version, but I will be making a couple more standard sizes. I'm thinking a medium and large would be needed.

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