What, another new design? Yep, take a look.

Introducing The Honeysuckle Zippered Tote.
These days all my new designs are driven by customer demand. It's really great because I don't have to guess what people want, instead they tell me and I design it!
I was contacted by a customer who saw my Fleur bowling tote ( a previous blog post) listed on eBay. She liked the fabric and the shape of the tote, but wanted a zipper and more volume inside the bag. She told me the dimensions and I got to work. Here's the result. I started with my Fleur tote and made a large version, 16" wide, 13" tall and 3 1/2" deep. This allows for a three ring binder and plenty of other items as well. The handles are still the same length, but I put a zipper across the top to keep the contents protected. The zipper comes around the corners a little so it's easy to open the bag and slide in books, binders, etc. without struggling. The basic design and materials are the same, it's just larger and has a zipper. The last picture is The Honeysuckle and The Fleur for size comparison. That's a thin three ring binder peeking out of The Fleur. The previous post shows a spiral notebook, which fits completely inside the bag.

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