A new Large Zelda/Zelda Deluxe

A customer wanted a Zelda Deluxe, but, based on the dimensions of the contents she gave me I knew they would not fit. Enlarging my messenger bag had been on the to-do list, so, the timing was great.
This is the prototype for the larger size.
  • The front and back panels measure 16" wide by 12" tall.
  • It is 7" deep.
  • There is a pocket on one of the panels for a laptop computer with a velcro tab it keep it from slipping out.
  • My standard Zoe Designs pockets are still included as is the key clip and water bottle pocket.
Here's a couple of thoughts about this bag:
  1. I put the laptop sleeve on the inside of the front panel and the pockets on the inside of the back panel. I think they should be reversed, pockets to the front, laptop to the back.
  2. I think the tab for the top of the laptop pocket should be longer to make sure it will velcro together after the laptop is inside.
  3. Perhaps there should be a cinch adjustment at the bottom of the sides as there is at the top of the sides. This would allow more flexibility if the bag isn't fully loaded.
  4. Perhaps there should be an open pocket on the inside, opposite the bottle pocket, for computer cords etc.
  5. This fabric is outstanding isn't it!!!!

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