A new Selection of Zeldinas-Mini Messenger Bags

I tend to have a lot of products "in motion" I decided I should finish up this run of Zeldinas so I could get going on some messenger bags.
I thought this selection was perfect for the time of year, they make me happy just looking at them. You can find some of them in my Etsy shop and some in my eBay store. As always you can buy direct as well. Contact me at service@zoesbagboutique.com


  1. I hope you decide to keep the Zeldinas as part of your permanent bag line. I prefer messenger bags that are not too large where it looks more like a college bag. This is the perfect size. Additionally, the materials and fabrics you use....whoa! So beautiful and definately will get people who will walk up to you asking "where did you get that bag?". That is the best compliment a woman can receive!

  2. Thanks for your kind words meatbun66!
    Yes, the Zeldina is a permanent part of my line. Another aspect to answering "where did you get that bag?" is that most of my bags are one of a kind. While the owner might consider directing the admirer to Zoe's Bag Boutique they can be sure that it's unlikely a duplicate will be found. Same style, yes, same fabric, hmmm probably not.