Yoga Messenger Bag and matching Sweet Pea Mini Wallet

This is a custom order, with the customer providing a fabric she was in love with. A beautiful Japanese fabric line called Echino by Etsuko Furuya.

The design was to enable my customer to carry a yoga mat attached to the bag. We put a simple zippered pocket inside the bag and an open pocket on one end for carrying a water bottle. I tried a variety of methods in an attempt to allow the front straps to be lengthened in order to carry the mat and them shortened so the bag could be used daily. I didn't want long straps of webbing hanging down from the bottom. I finally came up with an idea that suited us both.
I made "extenders" that can be used when carrying the mat. They clip into the existing buckles on the flap and have a tri-glide adjustment so the web can be longer or shorter. When not needed they can be stored with the mat or inside the bag.

While I was working on the design my customer thought she might like a small clutch/wallet to match. I showed her the Sweet Pea Mini Wallet and , with the addition of a small strap , it was perfect.
What a beautiful set this turned out to be. So great, in fact, that I ordered some echino fabric myself. Can't wait to share it with you!

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