Anime Geisha Tallullah with an adjustable shoulder strap

Part of a fantastic pre Christmas custom order, this bag was for the customer herself, not the giftees!
She was placing an order for numerous items, mostly gifts, but couldn't resist this print. Perfect for a Tallullah and she added an adjustable shoulder strap, rather than the two handles.

I had a tough time sending this one away!



  1. I get to see this bag every week when I go for lunch with Alanna! We're so happy with our Zoe's Bags. And I've been telling more and more friends about your site.

    I keep meaning to send you a pic of me with my bags, I'll get to it soon I promise! :)

    In the meantime, I have to stop myself from buying more Zelda flaps... at least until the Christmas bills are paid.

    But don't worry, I'll be back for more soon!

  2. Thanks for letting me know! I had a hard time putting this bag in a box to send away! :-)

    Looking forward to getting pics. The gallery is awaiting them and I expect to "open the doors" to it, and my shiny new shop this week.
    take care!