Fabric Frenzy Shopping Sprees

Fabric Frenzy Shopping Sprees

If you've looked at the fabric selection you'll notice there are over 475 options. Seems like a lot right?

And yet, especially for those of you with Morphin Bags, it might be nice to have more.

I've come up with, what I hope is, a great solution to offering even more fabrics.

The Fabric Frenzy Shopping Sprees!

Here's the basic idea

1) Every so often, (to be determined) I announce, via e-mail, blog and shop, that a shopping spree is pending.

2) I have come up with two methods that will allow you to see if there is anything you want.

a) I pick one on line fabric shop, a different one each time to give us the ultimate in selection, and include the link for you to go and browse for a while.
b) I provide a variety of options in my gallery

3) If you see something you like, and a bag style you want to order, you let me know.

4) When everyone who is interested has made their selection, the fabric order is placed and your orders are finalized.

5) The fabric arrives and I get working on your new bags, flaps or what have yous!

It could be a lot of fun!!!

Oh, one more thing, consider this the blog notification of the first spree!
I'll have details shortly. Please let me know if you are interested.

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