Amazing henna artistry in Boulder County

While this business is in Boulder County, Colorado, I had to share it with everyone. One of my wonderful regular customers is Leah Reddell.

Her business is Face Fiesta and she does the most incredible face painting I have ever seen.

She has branched out into henna and her work is astoundingly beautiful.

From her henna web site,

"I am currently collaborating with Maureen Sullivan of Sullivan Studios to provide a truly unique and nurturing experience for pregnant women. Our sessions include a beautiful henna belly design and a photo shoot to capture this amazing time in a woman's life."

She recently did a session with a local newspaper columnist, Aimee Heckel of the Boulder Camera, who is expecting a baby. Here are a few of the photos of the work she did. Look at the koi! They are gorgeous!!

Look what she does on hands and feet!

Incredible Leah!


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  1. Karen! You rock! You just totally made my day, Lady!