A gorgeous custom order featuring Asian prints

Again, an order placed for Christmas gifts . This one by one of my wonderful return customers. Adriana buys so many of my bags for family and friends, and almost always in Asian prints. I created a gallery of her bags that you can see here. She found me first, on eBay and followed me to Etsy and my own store. But mostly, I make her bags as custom orders. She tells me how many of each style, makes some suggestions of fabric and sets me loose!
Her comments after she received the last box....

"Dear Karen,
The purses arrived last night, and, as usual, my kids and I had a great time going through everything in the box, and figuring out who gets what. Of course, they are all so beautiful! I have to admit that every time I see your purses I have to resist the urge of keeping everything for myself, because I am always very tempted. I think that after the holidays I will have to go on a "personal shopping spree" with you! Thank you so much for your wonderful work.
Everything is so well made, with every little detail in place. You cannot really find this kind of work in anything available in stores.
Once again thank you very, very much!


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  1. I am loving oriental prints these days. Those are all gorgeous!