Leah Knitting in Public in Vegas!

I blogged recently about Leah, who is a face painter extraordinaire! She taught at a face painting convention in Las Vegas this month and sent back photographs too! She is an avid knitter and has one of my Kipsters, knit in public bags. As you can see she made sure to get as many shots of herself knitting in public, as possible. I think she might be throwing down a challenge to Abby and Madi. What's an interesting coincidence is the location of the first photograph she sent, a faux Venice in Vegas!

Second shot, of course, a slot machine,

then at a restaurant

Look at the giant blender in the background!

Here she is in the hotel lobby, and

finally in a limo ride with attendees at the convention. Through it all she just kept knitting!

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  1. That's funny how every pic she's just knitting away!