Custom Large Tootsie Purse that is sooo incredible!

Late last year I blogged about a custom monster Tootsie I made for a return customer. She provided the fabric and it turned out to be pretty amazing. Almost right away she decided she wanted another bag, same style but could I make it larger? I wasn't able to do it till January but she bought the materials and sent them my way. We both knew, right away, that this was going to be spectacular! She wanted it made from faux leopard and found two embroidered patches that she wanted to use. The larger on the front, the smaller in the lower back.
I had to do all the prototyping work to design the larger size, but once that was done it was on to Miyo's bag. I also made her a Scooter zip bag from the left over Monster fabric

She has a few of my bags and has promised to get glammed up and do a photo shoot with them all!

She loved them as you can see from her comments

"Hey Karen I got them yesterday and they are perfect!! No surprise there, you always do fantastic work!!! The first thing I did when the postman gave me the box was rip it open, admire them for a few seconds and then threw my stuff in!! I can keep my sketch book and everything in it!!! I love it!!! Thank you so much!!!! I'll get that picture of me and all my bags out to you as soon as I can!!! Thanks Karen!!! You're the best!!!!"


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