Britta the Flap Queen and "decisions, decisions, decisions"

Regular readers will recognize Britta right away. She found me on eBay years ago, and began buying, and then custom ordering, bags with owls. An avid collector, she has 1000's of owl related items (I've seen pics of them, it's amazing!)

We became fast friends and often chat, via email, about our lives. A few years ago she asked me about making a bag with a removable flap. I was surprised, because I had been thinking about such a design for a while. I told her I didn't think it was possible, I couldn't come up with a good way to make such a bag. She didn't stop though, she asked again later. Then it came to me, the exact way to make such a product and so I moved ahead and created the Morphin Zeldina.

However Britta wanted a Tootsie with a flap. OK, I designed one, just for her. I have never offered it for sale. Since it was right at the beginning of the design "naming" process we each came up with Chameleon. We both thought it was the perfect name, until I found it was in use by someone else. I moved on to Morphin, but Britta claimed the Chameleon name for her own bag.
After the body was made, she ordered flaps from most of the owl fabrics I had on hand. Then she moved on to other bag designs, some not even owl related!

But this year she returned to her Chameleon again and decided to start collecting flaps. Every time she came by the shop she saw another print she loved. The result is, she has, at last count 23 flaps!
I have named her, rightfully so, The Flap Queen :-)

I just made her another Chameleon, in navy, plus some new flaps to match.

She sent me these fantastic pictures. The first shows the dilemma faced by having so many flaps from which to choose. Then, in the second shot, she learned that if you are wearing a sweater the flaps serve as a bib as well!

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