Leah's Morphin Panther Deluxe Messenger Henna Gig Bag

I've blogged about Leah a few times.

She's an amazing Henna artist in Boulder County, Colorado. This entails going to met clients in their homes and so she has to bring her supplies and equipment along with her. She realized that the bag she was using did not met her needs so she asked me to make a Morphin Panther Deluxe, with three flaps.

At first she thought the Panther sizing would be too large, but she realized that one of her pieces of equipment, a pillow, fit perfectly in the sleeve for the laptop.
Here's the bag, fully loaded!

The addition of a zippered pocket on the outer back provided a spot for items that need to be stored flat



  1. OMG, I LOVE those asian prints! They are beautiful! Especially the blue with the lady & skulls. I saw you already had received this- but another Sunshine Award from me to you! http://jtribecreations.com/blog/?p=353

  2. all this bags are unique..
    like it..
    are this kind of bag have in malaysia??

  3. Thanks ligamoma, for the kind words and the award! I love the geisha and skulls print a lot!!!!
    Thanks izzati all my bags are made by me so they are not in Malaysia unless some one living htere bought one!

  4. That is absolutely beautiful! And so perfect for what she does.