Joyce and Ada with their Morphin Bags

There's a great story to go with this photograph. Joyce bought a Morphin Zeldina from me a while ago. She contacted me earlier this year, amazingly enough, about a week later than another regular customer asking the same thing. Could she get a slightly larger Morphin Zeldina on which she could use her standard Zeldina flaps?

I had planned on adding the new style to the shop, and blogging about it using this great pic. However I just haven't had time to add it to the shop.

Here's what happened, I did the new design, it is taller and has a few extra features. It will still be able to use the regular Zeldina flaps. Joyce loved hers and when her grand daughter, Ada, saw the new bag she instantly claimed the old bag!

Joyce sent along this photograph to share with you. Isn't it great? Plus anyone who has dogs knows they have to get in on the action!

What she said after the bag arrived
"Hi Karen,
The bag arrived today and it is absolutely perfect! I LOVE It! The size, the pockets, everything is even better than I could have imagined. All my new gear fits perfectly. My granddaughter has already claimed my old bag so I will have to put her in some flaps. You really are the best and I can't thank you enough for all the work you put into this bag. I really do appreciate it. Thanks so much, Joyce" 3/15/10


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