Regina's Morphin Pawprint Falcon, her Bichon collection and feedback on the bag

Pretty darn cute!

Her comments about the Falcon?

"....The good news is that I’m now ready to marry my Falcon! It worked out great! I think it’s “too much bag” for me as an every-day bag and I’ll continue to rely on my Breezy for that (although I’ve now got my eye on that Ferret! ). But for trips, the Falcon was perfect ... all the stuff I usually carry in my fanny pack, plus room for more, including maps, camera, and phone (I usually have to attach my camera and phone to the fanny pack strap and either leave the maps in the truck/on the bike or stick them in a pocket of my shorts/jeans, which isn’t all that comfortable). I could have fit a water bottle in there, too, but didn’t. I now must have more flaps! Will decide which ones later today or tomorrow and give you a shout ... I know that the pink flamingos on the blue background is a must.

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