Regina's Excellent Adventure in Louisiana -Alligator Alert!

One of my regular customers, Regina, ordered a chili pepper flap for her Morphin Falcon, and told me she was going to use it when she took a tour of the Tabasco factory. I thought, hmm, Tabasco factory, what's the deal with that place? How interesting, I must Google it

Turns out it is fascinating, and its location has a lot to do with it. Click here to learn more

I'll let Regina tell you about it, along with sharing a couple of pics she sent me after she returned home, but first

She sent me the following email while she was on her trip

"Chili peppers flap loved the Tabasco factory ... Mistee is going on swamp tour today ... more later!"

I respond:

"Awesome! I didn't expect to hear from you while you were gone!

If you can get a pic of yourself pulling the Mistee out of an
alligator's mouth, I will send you a free flap! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

This photograph shows up in my in box later that day. Hysterical! I couldn't believe what I was seeing. She earned herself a free flap quickly, don't you think?

And now more about her trip in her own words.....

"As you may remember from looking at the web site, Avery Island is a salt dome in south Louisiana (near New Iberia) and home to the Tabasco factory, the only place in the world where it’s made ... and they make something like 700,000 bottles per day. The day we were there, they were producing a shipment for Sweden. My chilies flap seemed appropriate for the tour:"

"After the tour, we went in the Company Store, where you can buy all things Tabasco (clothes, food items, ornaments, etc.) and taste all things Tabasco at the tasting bar. They even had Tabasco-enhanced soft drink (it actually tasted pretty good) and as gross as it sounds, jalapeno ice cream ... which actually was really good! You can get the flavor (pun intended) of the items flavored with Tabasco in this shot (notice anything familiar???):"

She also sent these


  1. next time you'll have to specify that the alligator be alive!