The ABC an Everyday Padded Camera Bag for the small digitals

An Everyday Camera Bag

This product too, came as a request. Sized to hold the small digital cameras so many of us have, it's perfect to carry in your bag. Made with 1/4" padding to provide protection.

On the front, a zippered pocket for batteries, extra memory, and, perhaps, a few dollars and your id.

On the back, loops, which, with the purchase of a carabiner will allow you to hook it to your belt, belt loops or other handy places. Or you may order an optional shoulder strap. (These can be purchased as add on items)

Sized to hold cameras 4"x 2 1/4" x 1 1/4" or less. I used my camera, a Sony Cyber-shot, as the model for the case. When I looked at similar cameras at my local department store, the majority were smaller than mine.

A genius idea from my customer.
Inside, a clip to attach to the strap. When taking a picture, the bag will hang below. No more setting your camera bag down and walking away without it, or, trying to take a picture with the case stuck under your arm. You know you've done this!

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