Twilight Themed Messenger Bags, Purses and Wallets , You decide~

I just got these patches in stock. They are pretty great. I could make bags with them but I thought I'd start out by showing what I have and saying, "What do you want?" Contact me to claim the one you like best and tell me how you want me to use it!
I've taken a few pictures to show the scale. See how they look on a Zeldina. Or maybe you would like a Morphin flap with one? Or maybe a Sweet Pea Mini Wallet, or a Tarquin padded case for your iPod?
Shoot me an e-mail and claim yours now! Get creative and pick a fabric for me to use, or just pick a solid color bag, like pink, or purple, green or marina blue, as well as, of course, black.
Look around the shop and see which product calls to you! Let's create something really special for you, or a loved one

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