The Kipster KIP Bag, you know, Knitting in Public!

I worked on this design with a customer who wanted a bag that she could use while walking and knitting. Hmm I thought,how unusual. But, after a bit of Googling, on my part, I discovered this is a growing trend and this type of bag is commonly called a KIP bag, for Knitting in Public. In fact, there is a World Wide Knitting in Public Event.
On June the 13th & 14th as well as the 20th & 21st, knitters all over the world are encouraged to gather and knit in public together.
I've been working on making a few for inventory, taking pics, (in order to do this I had to borrow some supplies from one of my neighbors) writing the description, all the "behind the scenes" work that is required to add a new product.
Today it's all finished and so for all you KIPer's this bag is designed to make it easy for you!
A few features
22.86 cm

5 1/2"
13.97 cm

Two zippered pockets circle the exterior. Great for stitch markers or even a place to put your id and money.

A d-ring between the two pockets provides a place to hold while zipping the bag closed
also a place to attach a pair of scissors, or other tool, to avoid leaving them behind in some random waiting room, on a park bench, or on the bus. The scissors can still be dropped into the pocket, but are secured to the bag as well.

A set of pockets circle the bag’s interior
Three slots for needles and three open slip pockets for circular needles, crochet hooks and all your other equipment

A split key ring attachment point at the upper back provides maximum versatility
This allows you to...
attach a sewing gauge, or other tool to the bag
attach a carabiner to the bag to hang from your belt, belt loop or another bag
You could also purchase a wristlet strap or an ABC shoulder strap

I decided to line it with a bone colored 420 denier nylon packcloth.
Its smooth surface allows your yarn to move easily while you knit, plus it gives the bag some needed structure.

What did the customer say?

"Your work is excellent. I couldn't find anything that even made me go "Hmmm" on close examination and three days living with it.
The design is great - sits up, steady when I'm pulling on the yarn, nothing catching, all my goodies in the bag where I can find it, there are several sets of needles, crochet hooks, circulars in it without crowding the bag or keeping it from closing. I added a set of 7" double pointed needles and it didn't burp. :)
I like the ring on the top of the bag, I find I end up carrying the bag by it. I need to get a carabiner out and hook it to my purse like I do my keys.
Summary: YAY!

Thanks M"
May 26th 2009

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  1. Brilliant idea! I don't KIP much myself, but it's still a fine small project bag for those of us with curious cats and destructive dogs.